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Welcome to the FeralCraft store!

Factions since 2014!


When purchasing your package, please give it a few minutes to be applied to your in-game account. If you do not receive your package within the first 24 hours, please submit a support ticket on forums or click "Contact us".

All ranks are cumulative, meaning that you only pay the difference when purchasing a rank that is higher than the previous one! 


Terms of Service / Payment Agreement


Can I get a refund?
Once you get your rank donations are non-refundable. Chargebacks or disputes will result in a ban. Purchase proof will be provided to PayPal/Bank along with Terms you agreed on with the purchase.

I purchased something but didn't receive it!
Please wait at most half an hour for automatic ranking, longer for manual. If it's been longer than 3 hours contact an Admin or Owner.

Am I immune to bans?
No you're not, we may perhaps lean toward temporary ban instead of permanent in special cases but you are not exempt from bans nor any other punishments.


Can I purchase a rank for a friend?
 Yes, but only if said person has consented. Purchasing for someone without their permission will result in the money being refunded and a 7-day ban.
To actually report someone purchasing you a rank that you did not want, just send us an email. It must be at most within 24 hours of the next time you have logged on to the server after it was purchased to be a valid request. 


NOTE: By Purchasing, you agree to both FeralCraft's ToS and the BuyCraft ToS. 

We are not affiliated with Mojang or Minecraft.